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Fall back into the grind

By November 5, 2018No Comments

It’s time. The sun’s going down earlier, pumpkins are suddenly on sale, and everyone in your office is suddenly getting sick. That’s right. It’s Fall.

Swimsuit time’s over.

Fall is tough. You probably spent the past couple months spending your weekends on a pristine beach with a  margarita in one hand and a fish taco in the other.

The trees aren’t the only thing in transition. It’s time to buckle down, trade that margarita for a yoga mat, and get back to the dreaded grind.

Let’s talk about the grind. What is it, really? It’s not just waking up at the same time every day, doing the same thing, and repeating it over and over until your eyes glaze over and everyone wonders if you had a lobotomy.

The grind is about discipline. It’s about setting an intention, and working towards achieving that intention. It can be as simple as “I want to drink less coffee.” Great! Do it! Lord knows I definitely need to.

The point is, setting a goal and slowly working your way towards that goal over an extended period of time builds character. Character’s good! We should all have more of it!

This brings me to probably the most common trap people face as they soldier through the fall season: eating. Food rules! We all love it, and we all love it a little TOO much from time to time (which is fine. Bear with me.).

The cold weather, stress from work, and food-focused holidays combine to create a perfect, delicious storm of carb-filled comfort foods and fatty meats.

Fear not, yogis! I am here to provide you with some delicious, gluten free, and low sugar recipes to help you get that comfort you need without ruining all the hard work you’ve put in.

First off, we have a butternut and sausage fritatta. A simple breakfast you can whip together either using what’s listed in the recipe or whatever you have lying in your fridge, it leaves you filled and ready to crush your day.

The best part of Fall is bundling up in your favorite fleece pajamas with a bowl of soup, which is why I bring you this pinto pozole! This may take more time to prepare, but trust me, it’s worth it. Plus, you’ll have a TON of leftovers.

It’s easy to let our defenses fall and take a big bite into that giant plate of Grandma’s Cheesy Cream Carbs. And that’s okay! As we venture into the Fall, it’s important to take time to treat ourselves to things we enjoy. Just remember to keep grinding. Happy Fall, and see you on your mat!