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Join our Expand 26 Weekend Teacher Training

March 24-26, 2023 / Asheville, NC / $599

The Schedule

Friday March 24

4pm — Sonic Warm Up
5-8pm — Training

Saturday March 25

8-9:30am — Plus Class
10:30am-3pm — Training

Sunday March 26

8-9:30am — Plus Class
10:30am-12:30pm — Training

Students are welcome to sign up too!

What is Expand 26?

Expand 26 (formerly known as Hot 26 Plus) is an amazing yoga class created around the traditional Hot 26 Series. This class allows for all practitioners to grow and evolve their practice at their own pace. Class is set to music and in second set the instructor offers students a chance to try 2-5 variations of poses. The class is for ALL LEVELS and a super fun way to get your yoga therapy in!

Students and teachers love this class because it allows us the freedom to practice yoga with a little more fun and intuition. The music adds a wonderful ambiance and the poses change from day to day so our bodies love it too!

About the training

Designed with teachers in mind, the training includes a 95 page full color manual of poses and second set variations. Each variation will include benefits of the pose, instructions on how to enter and exit the poses safely, and close up images of the poses with views of grips, binds, and more. We have also created and will provide access to over 15 playlists that sync perfectly with the class.

Students are welcome to join though they will not be ready to teach without a foundation of 26/2 training.

  1. Completion of this training earns 14 Continuing Education credits for Yoga Alliance and OHYA.

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Meet Your Trainer

Adi Westerman

Adi is the founder of Hot Yoga Asheville and also the creator of the Expand 26 class. Here’s what she has to say about it:

Expand 26 is completely turn key for anyone already offering 90 minute 26/2 (aka Bikram) hot yoga classes. Students will love the structure of it too because it holds the same timing as the traditional series. Students who want to stick with the 26/2 can, while those who want to explore other options can switch things up.

A common question I get is, “Are the other postures all from the Advanced Series?” The answer is, nope. The variations have been pulled from many different lineages of yoga. Some poses progress to an advanced variation, but many are not any harder than a Bikram class. In fact, some poses might even be easier for those days you want to take it easy.

Sudden progress! One studio owner who has begun offering Expand 26 said, “We’ve even seen sudden progress in some of our long timers. One man who was stuck in a rut during Standing Head to Knee instantly found progress in that pose after exploring some of the variations offered in the class.”

When we get outside of our yoga box and explore new shapes, our neurological pathways get reset and redirected so we can then find access to new form. A fresh approach to the good ol’ 26/2 is what I was after. And we’ve done it! The training is open to students as well as teachers.

Below is a sample page from the manual I created. Because, if you’re anything like me, you need to see what you’re gettin’! I know you will LOVE this manual and will reference it for years to come.

Much love yogis!

Hear what Sara Curry of Blaze Yoga & Pilates has experienced since adding Expand 26 to her studio

Have questions?

Feel free to contact Adi if you have any questions or if you’re looking for more information about Expand 26.

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