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February Workshop: Partner Yoga!

By January 2, 2023January 30th, 2023No Comments

In honor of Valentine’s Day, instructor Ruth Ingram will lead a partner yoga workshop.


Saturday February 11, 2023


This workshop is not just for romantic partners but friends or family, and solo drop-ins are welcome as well! All are welcome! 

What does having a partner mean to you?

Someone who supports you? Who do you share life’s joys and sorrows with? Someone YOU support through the happy, the sad, the wins and the losses.

Join us as we celebrate Valentine’s Day for a fun-filled partner yoga class. A great way to celebrate a day of connection by partnering up to practice yoga. 

In this workshop, we will learn how to support each other in poses by aligning our bodies and creating balance. No experience is necessary, this workshop is for beginner practitioners and experienced yogis alike.

Partner yoga challenges your balance, strength and flexibility while requiring trust and surrender to support one another in a pose.

Come learn something new and fun and gain a deeper awareness of your body that you can take into your personal practice.

$60 per couple
$30 per person