Bikram method gives her confidence and strength

By May 20, 2016 February 10th, 2019 Student Testimonials

Laura, student of Hot Yoga Studio Asheville – Bikram Method, discusses how hot yoga has given her confidence and strength to sing in church.
“My name is Laura and I started yoga in asheville a couple of years ago, but I just finished my first 30-day challenge and I have taken some inches off my waste, which I have been trying for years to do that. I have tried 90 X. I have tried insanity, have been working after we have a few kids, sometimes it is a little harder. But the 30-day challenge at least gone down one jean size, but I just have to wear belts with my jeans because I would rather spend a few hundred dollars on my membership than on a new pair of jeans.

And also I will be sharing today that I always wanted to sing and I don’t sing very well, but I was in church today and I was just singing away because all those new muscles that I have discovered in my abdomen just kept, I was like, “Oh, yes! This is great” You know like I really could hold the notes out and it was wonderful. I was like, “Yeah, this is great”. Now, I won’t get up and sing in front of everybody at church, but sitting there in my seat I was like, “Yeah, I could sing” and I just give that to just the muscles and the new things that I learned and become and that’s why I am able to do that. So thank you. “