Bikram Hot Yoga is a great compliment to CrossFit

By May 20, 2016 February 10th, 2019 Student Testimonials

Liz student of Hot Yoga Asheville – Bikram Method discusses how the Bikram Method of hot yoga is a great compliment to crossfit:

My name is Liz. I started Bikram back in late September or early October and I did it because I had this chronic, really sharp pain in my back and my shoulder. I do crossfit as well. So I do this to compliment crossfit. And you know, I went and I had massages done that you know, cost $200 and it didn’t helped me at all. I didn’t get any relief. it is in health but you know, coming in here and working on it every day I don’t have that pain anymore. When I am lifting I can make sure that my body is in the right alignment and it can lift heavier. I love doing yoga classes here in Asheville, NC!

It has really helped me in that way and I also run half marathons. And the first half marathon that I ran, I was out for 2 months afterwards because I really messed up my knee and I ran one with my husband a month after starting this. A month after starting Bikram yoga and I didn’t have any pain after running that marathon and I could continue to keep working out and coming in here so it has been really helpful. I really enjoy coming here.