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March 2022

Yoga Etiquette 101: Create the Best Class Possible

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Some simple and friendly reminders…
A tradition as ancient and beautiful as yoga comes with a certain level of implied etiquette. Not loud and explicit rules, but soft and subtle ones. We want to take a moment to remind you of some simple etiquette that will help our entire community run more smoothly. With a mindset of learning and respecting etiquette, your yoga experience expands.

Be like Ganesha – The lord of success and remover of obstacles!

Be on time
We understand things happen, but do your best to be on time so class isn’t disrupted once started. Shoot us a call if you are going to be late!

Get Comfortable
Remove your shoes! We are a barefoot/slipper only zone – Please remove your shoes in the lobby help keep our space clean.

Get unplugged
Refrain from bringing your cell phones into the room — phones and Apple watches are distracting for you and others.

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Welcome Amanda Blair!

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Welcome our newest Flow teacher: Amanda Blair!

“As a native to rural WNC my roots run generations deep in these mountains.  My childhood consisted of Saturday Lunches, many gatherings with my close knit extended family, and many opportunities to run wild exploring the forests around our home.

This experience instilled in me a profound appreciation for community and the great outdoors. Today I frequently make time for running, biking, camping and simply just lounging outside as much as possible.

Having been raised with my large extended family has given me a deep understanding of the importance of being in community.  My tribe at HYA has become a community for me and I am so excited to be more involved.
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SCHEDULE ALERT! No Evening Classes on 4/6

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We will be CLOSED for the evening of 4/6/22!



We believe in the importance of recognition & we hope you do too! Be sure to thank your teacher after class!

Our incredible staff show up each day and give their best. So we can thank our teachers & desk staff for their continued efforts in delivering the best classes to our community, we will be closed this evening for an employee outing.


The morning classes will be held as scheduled.
The following classes are cancelled:
5:30p Hot Power Flow
7:00p Yin & Restore

On 15 Years: A Note from Adi

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adi mountain twist
Some of you know this story. Some of you don’t, yet. The only class I failed in my school years was “yoga”. I didn’t pass because it was boring to me, so I stopped showing up. 
Around the same time, my friend took me to my first hot yoga class. She would pick me up at the crack of dawn and take me to the awesome team at Village Yoga in Santa Cruz, CA. I liked the challenge of the hot yoga experience. But I HATED the mirrors; I felt like they stared back at me, glaringly. Back then I used to practice in leggings and board shorts. I hid behind a pole in the room so I didn’t have to look at myself in the mirror! I couldn’t afford to take classes, so I joined the Work Study crew: free yoga in exchange for weekly cleaning. During after hours, I would try on the little tops and little shorts in hiding. I started to feel better about the way I looked. I liked the way I felt even more. The scale didn’t change, but I felt great. After two years of regular practice I lost a lot of weight. My body adjusted. I was digesting properly for the first time. I continued work trade for 4 years until I decided to become a yoga teacher in 2005.
Flash forward to March 1, 2008.  We opened the doors to our first classes at Hot Yoga Asheville, using money from 0% APR credit cards. My goal was to create a studio that was everything I needed. A place where people who failed yoga in the past could come back and try again and again with no judgment or expectation. A place where truth and honesty was spaciously held. A place where hard conversations could be had. An open space.