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January 2021

Updated Policies

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Hi Adi,

What we love about you the most is your dedication to your practice and HYA. It inspires us to do more and our goal is that everyone gets a chance to practice. We envision a world where everyone is empowered to live their best life – and we know yoga is an amazing way to make this happen.

With current limited capacities (30%) it can be a challenge to coordinate the schedule and get everyone into class -But it’s nothing we can’t handle if we work together! 🥴

Our goal is to continue to expand our offerings, and utilize the overflow room more often, however in order to get accurate data to make these decisions, we need your help.

Note: Up until now we have been very lenient with these policies. However, in order to create a sustainable schedule, we need to enforce this policy with consistency moving forward.

Sooo… Moving forward, here’s the scoop:

Please adhere to and support our updated policies.

(Drum role please!)

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