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21 Days to Summer Challenge

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21 Days to Summer!

Practice 12 Classes in 21 Days and earn $10 off July Membership Fees and $11 off August.

Every year it’s the same thing. People think they can skip yoga for the summer and still be ok.

But, let me tell you something. Every single year, in September, people who took the summer off come back with regrets. We know part of living is living and learning. But that’s not gonna stop me from trying to keep you from having to live out the same mistakes others have made.

Every autumn, we hear the same things from people. I shouldn’t have… and won’t ever do that again…etc etc.

We simply so badly want you to feel good ALL YEAR LONG!

This challenge has been our most successful one of the year! And it means that even if you take a few weeks off, you’re still better off sticking with your pass rather than bailing on yoga and, really as an effect, bailing on yourself… Wah…

So join us for this awesome fun challenge and let your worries be gone!

So… What do you say? ARE YOU IN???

Let us Know Here!



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SUNDAY, JUNE 2nd, 2:30 – 4 PM

In this workshop/yoga class, we explore the ways our minds influence our practice, sometimes for the better, but so often our thought patterns are our biggest obstacles. We use this tried-and-true series to recognize the ways our thinking can sabotage our practice and find the way it holds you back in life as well. To change anything, you have to change the way you think about it!

This will be a yoga class: you will practice, with the instruction focused primarily on the mental aspects of the postures, but you can also ask questions and together, we can navigate whatever mental roadblocks are holding you back.

Led By Lynn Zinser





Yin Yoga & Sound Bath in Asheville

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Yin Yoga & Sound Bath
with Mikaya Swabb and Stacy Fiano

Saturday, May 18
6:30-8:30 pm
$30 per person; $50 per couple

Join us for an enchanting evening. You will be guided through yin yoga practice led by Stacy, accompanied by the talented Mikaya playing the gong and singing bowls.

Yin Yoga uses long holds and stretches done on the floor to lengthen the deep connective tissues between the muscles and the fascia throughout the body. It helps to increase circulation in the joints and improve joint flexibility. The simplicity of a yin practice allows us to return to our bodies in a calming way that allows us to gaze inward.

The use of ancient sound healing instruments like the gong and Tibetan singing bowls allows the body and mind to relax more deeply. The gong played in a series of crescendos is effective in breaking through energy blockages and stress in the parasympathetic nervous system. The soft sound of the singing bowls allow the mind to travel more deeply into stillness. The complementary effects of these two sound frequencies allows the natural flow of our energy to move more freely.