Chiropractor shares how Bikram hot yoga helps her

By May 20, 2016 February 10th, 2019 Student Testimonials

“Hi! I’m Anya. I don’t think I am as funny as Suzan so don’t expect that. I just want to say thank you and thanks for your yoga studio. Because I don’t know if you all have been to other yoga studios, but I went to one in Chicago, I won’t name it and I used to live there and it was so smelly. I thought it was in a sock. It was so bad. And the facility here is clean and you know the floor is great, the heat is great and there is actually a room out in front and it is in a great location so I really appreciate the space. And I appreciate the teachers, are so nurturing. I have been to yoga classes in Asheville before. I am a yoga teacher too. I have taught Ashtanga and I have taught flow yoga and prenatal yoga and it is my time now to take a class, to be a student. I gave up the teaching.

I am a chiropractor so that’s what I mainly do and I got a frozen shoulder because I while I was leaving in Chicago I just have 50 people a day, 50. And it was really hard on me and my right shoulder just got completely frozen so I couldn’t do what I love to do. So I moved back here recently and started another practice, my fifth one over the last 12 years and I am really excited to have this here because it is completely healed. I have full range of motion of my right shoulder now and I never did for the last 2 years. So it has really helped me to just get you know, feel the best version of me. So I appreciate all of you.”