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Melt away the stress, Alleviate the pain, look Amazing, & be Empowered.
We are just regular people who’ve figured out that hot yoga shatters, shapes and heals all at once.  We inspire positive change in each other and the world… even when it’s hard.

Feel the Heat

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  • I LOVE Hot Yoga. I seriously feel like Hot Yoga was a catalyst to so much change in my life.

    E.V.A. | Asheville, NC

  • The teachers are friendly, knowledgeable, and each one is unique in personality/skill. The infrared heating and flooring in the main studio are top notch. The studio feels like a tight community and yet they welcome new students with open arms. It’s hard to find a studio that has multiple showers as well-plenty of room for everyone! Highly recommend!


  • The staff were welcoming and friendly.
    The class started and finished on time and I had a great first time experience.

    F.G. | Arden, NC

  • By far the best yoga classes I’ve ever been to! I can’t believe the difference it makes in even a short time. I love the variety of instructors and their unique styles. It is truly a “practice” and there are no “perfect” people here. No judgement, just acceptance, discovery, and love for your body.

    D.B. | Asheville, NC

  • OMG it was amazing. The teacher, was so kind to me on my first day! She made sure I was understanding the poses and doing okay throughout the class. All the staff have been so kind, showing me the facility and making sure I was oriented. I am happily looking forward to my next class!!

    R.C. | Asheville, NC

  • Very nice studio.. With an ample amount of heat for detoxification and warmth on those chilly mountainous mornings.
    Friendly atmosphere, clean locker room, and inviting instructors made this studio worth it…

    D.E. | Kingsport, TN

  • I love Yin and Restorative Yoga. The teacher maintained a peaceful atmosphere and honored each individual, giving lots of support of use of props and also offering tips for deepening each asana. I loved it and will be back for another class!

    N.B. | Candler, NC

  • Having lack any knowledge of yoga, being overweight and insecure to even attempt … The ladies made me feel welcome and confident that I could do the class. Teachers are so helpful, and precise on how to pose or modify … I left feeling awesome and secure in my choice to attempt this Hot Yoga.

    D.W. | Leicester, NC

  • Loved the Studio! Beautiful…and the Instruction was perfect.
    Even though I’m from out of town, I felt right at home. Thank you!!

    L.L. | West Palm Beach, FL

  • I love how the teachers will make sure you’re in the right alignment and give you that individual feedback. I love the lavender cool wash clothes at the end of class. The front desk was also really nice. I appreciated their patience and relaxed attitude in making sure I had all I needed before we jumped into the workout.

    H.B. | Iowa City, IA

  • I’ve been looking for a challenging flow class for a while and
    Adi’s class was exactly what I’ve been searching for.

    M.F. | Asheville, NC

  • Everyone is very friendly and encouraging.
    I like the acceptance of all levels of abilities.

    D.E. | Asheville, NC

  • The studio is state of the art and ALWAYS clean and fresh.
    The teachers are all wonderful.

    A.S. | Hendersonville, NC


“Just show up, as you are. You don’t have to look or feel great. You don’t have to be prepared for each challenge or know all the hows of every situation. You don’t have to be fearless, or have all the answers, or be 100% ready. Nobody is any of these things. Nobody ever was. It’s not about being perfect at all. You just have to show up, as you are, despite all the objections and insecurities of your mind, despite each and every fear that threatens to hold you back, despite the limitations and criticisms other will place on you. The hell with it all. This is your life, your journey, your adventure, and all it’s asking of you is to show for it, as you are. That’s enough. That’s more than enough. That’s everything.”-Author Scott Stabile @hotyogaasheville @adi_does_yoga #hotyoga #yogaquote #yogachallenge #yogainspiration #yogainspiration #yogalife #showup #yogaeverydamnday #yogajourney #yogaforlife #yogafam #yogalove ... See MoreSee Less

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